Thinking About Retirement

Meet Larry and Sue

Meet Larry and Sue

Both have enjoyed busy careers, while working hard to raise and provide for their children. With the children now grown and off on their own, Larry and Sue found themselves staring at a future they knew was coming but didn’t think would arrive so fast.

With his 65th birthday less than one year away, Larry wanted to retire, but didn’t know how he would do it. Every time he thought about it, he got a pit in his stomach. “I should have saved more when I could.” “Why did I cash in that old IRA to buy the boat? It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Sue was afraid that their money would run out before they died, or they wouldn’t have anything of substance to leave the kids. She wondered if they should just keep working as long as they could.

Both felt confused when they talked about money, and they knew they needed help. That is when I entered the picture.

Larry and Sue were nervous and apprehensive when they came to see me. But they had done a great job overall with their finances. The house would be paid off in a few years, and they had always set aside money in their 401(k)s through the years.

Their retirement nest egg was large enough to provide a decent monthly income, and when added to Social Security, should have been enough for them to live comfortably.

They just needed someone to let them know they were going to be all right.

All Larry and Sue needed was a plan – a realistic plan along with someone who would help them manage and monitor it for success. That’s exactly what we did for them, and it’s what we can do for you, too. As you approach retirement, don’t panic. Have a plan.

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