Hindsight is 2020  

                                                                                                                                                          January 1st, 2021

As we enter the new year, I thought it might be helpful to think about some of the lessons learned from a difficult year that might help us be better prepared for 2021 and beyond.

Here are just a few things that 2020 has taught us.

  1. 2020 has given many people a different perspective on their finances - two things in particular - what they really need to live on and the importance of having funds set aside as a cash reserve. Before COVID, some clients had a tough time defining and quantifying their needs, wants and wishes regarding current expenses as well as planning for the future. But now many of them seem to have a lot more clarity about what they really need versus what they would like to have. Obviously, this makes goal setting and planning a lot more realistic.
  2. 2020 has given us a different take on what is most important to us - and it isn't always about money. Think about the ways people and families have been impacted by the pandemic - such as enforced family separation due to no-visitor policies at hospital and senior living centers, the inability to gather for weddings, funerals, and holidays. It's also had a major impact on how our churches and other organizations function and make their services available.
  3. This leads to #3 - the events of 2020 have given many people a renewed interest in giving.The human and financial impact of COVID has had a major impact across a broad range of sectors in our economy. In turn, this has led many to look for opportunities to help. I've seen multiple studies over the last six months or so indicating an expanded interest in finding ways to help with increased giving - of time and resources.

From a broad perspective, I believe that 2020 has shown each of us what is most important and what we truly value. Let's use this opportunity to have a conversation - to review your goals and see what has changed or moved up or down in priority or to talk about changes you might like to make to increase your giving to organizations that you care about. Click the schedule button above to schedule a meeting. 

Let's use whatever hindsight we have gained from 2020 to position us well for 2021 and beyond. 

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