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Meet Joe & Linda

Meet Joe & Linda

They vacationed in Bethany Beach every summer with their kids. Now retired and with their kids grown and starting families of their own, Joe and Linda took the plunge and fulfilled a lifelong dream of living permanently where they always loved to vacation.

Moving was exciting for them, but it was also a time filled with new challenges. They were trying to adjust to changes in their finances at a time when life already felt unfamiliar and unsteady.

Up north, they knew the people and businesses they could trust with the important things in life, and now in many ways they were starting over.

Joe and Linda came to us looking for a financial advisor they could trust to help them get their finances in order so they could begin to feel at home once again.

With our office right here in Sussex County, we help folks like Joe and Linda get answers to their questions and meet the financial challenges they face as they relocate.

Reach out to our office to set up a consultation appointment. We can talk you through how we help clients just like you meet their most important financial goals.

Well-established with a network of trustworthy professionals, we can help you connect with the best in our area, whether you need an estate planning attorney to update your wills and trusts or an electrician or painter to take care of home repairs.

You won’t always be the new kid on the block, so why not feel at home right away? Soon you will be the one recommending the area’s best.

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