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We help our clients organize their financial lives, visualize their future, and create meaningful, achievable goals.

Beginning with an initial conversation, we discuss what you want to accomplish and what you need from a financial advisor. After determining whether we’re a good fit for each other, we have our first consultation where our goal is to determine where you are now and what it will take to get you to where you want to be.

At our next meeting, we review your goals and risk parameters, and then I explain my specific plan and investment recommendations. We take the time to answer any questions you might have, and when you’re ready to move forward, we begin our onboarding process by opening account(s) and transferring in assets.

Our 90-day review meeting provides an overview of everything we have done to this point as well as a review of your first reporting statements. Then begins our ongoing cycle of face-to-face review meetings every six months. We take plenty of time for any questions or concerns you may have before reviewing your progress toward your goals.

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