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Meet Julie. 

Meet Julie. 

Julie’s business started with a dream. It took many long hours, sleepless nights, and countless other sacrifices to turn that dream into a reality. Having spent her early years working hard to build her business, she was ready to enjoy her next phase by setting new priorities with the goal of increasing her flexibility and availability.

As a fellow business owner, Julie hoped I would relate to her perspective as we talked about her specific needs and considerations. Due to the demands of running her business, it was no surprise that one of her most precious commodities was time. Unfortunately, her lack of time had resulted in neglecting many issues related to her business and personal finances. Understanding her challenges and how she felt, I was able to assist her in developing a plan to achieve her long-term financial objectives.

She also expressed a desire to eventually exit her business―by selling, or by transferring ownership to a family member, or at her death. While insurance can play a key role in transferring ownership at death, selling or transferring ownership while living can be a much more complicated process.

Exit planning requires both knowledge and experience with a wide range of factors including valuation of the business, effects of the sale on employee benefits, and, of course, taxes. By connecting Julie with experts in each facet of the transaction, we can develop a strategy that yields positive outcomes across all aspects of her exit.

If you are a business owner facing similar challenges, please reach out to our office to set up a consultation appointment. We can talk through what you’re trying to accomplish and how we help business owners like you meet your financial goals.

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